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Behind the Spread - kaChing Interview

For anyone out there interested in following my career as well as my investment ideas, I was interviewed by Hiro Takei from Behind the Spread this weekend.  We spoke about my involvement with kaChing, my background, and my investment strategy.  For anyone not familiar with kaChing, basically I've been managing a fantasy portfolio there for about a year, and they just started allowing investors to open brokerage accounts that mirror my trades.  If you ever need to find your way back to my kaChing profile, you can always get to it by clicking "portfolio performance" at the top of my blog at  So far there's about $200k mirroring me!

kaChing has been making waves with their official launch.  Dan Carroll and Andy Rachleff made an appearance on CNBC yesterday.  They were also covered in the New York Times, Blogging Stocks, the Broker News Blog, Business Pundit, Fast Company, Forbes, the Huffington Post, Newspost Online, Reuters, and 9 other news sites...  I'm sure you get the point.