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DANGER: Stacking Short Term Working Capital Loans

Recently I wrote an article about FinTech companies and whether or not they would be the next big bust. It seems every day there is a new one sprouting up and attracting a lot of business and a lot of investors. I still believe these are dangerous waters as they have made it too easy for companies to get loans. These are the same companies that banks turn away and yet, now banks are buying these portfolios. Sound familiar?

Lately, we have received applications from companies looking to refinance equipment or existing debt. These types of applications are nothing new to us, except, now the customers are trying to pay of short term working capital loans that have been stacked on them. What I mean by this is these customers have taken 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 7 short term working capital loans at the same time from different companies. And guess what? They can't pay them.

Some of these short term working capital lenders have even given a little more to customers, so they could bring the accounts current. Amazing. I call that spending good money for bad. It also helps their portfolios look a little cleaner I imagine.

I do think that if used correctly, these working capital loans can help companies when all else fails. Unfortunately, it is obvious that companies are taking advantage of how easy it is to qualify for these loans and the fact that very little reporting or checking is done by these FinTech companies that customers are now stacked with several loans.

Every customer that has applied to try and pay these off I believe had good intentions, but a small hiccup in their business has now made it impossible to pay these lenders their daily draw. And, since all these lenders file blanket liens on these customers it is nearly impossible to use their collateral to get them out of debt.

I think should be more reporting and control from these types of lenders so customers can not stack these types of loans. It will help everyone.

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