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Where's $GLD headed in the next 12 days - next 12 weeks ? F-Shift Forecaster knows

With the latest tool - HYBRID  - added to the F-Shift Forecaster, you can now generate a "hybrid" forecast which factors in both the daily and weekly forecast simultaneously on any underlying instrument within Excel. 

F- Shift Forecaster
F- Shift Forecaster

Unlike traditional tools such as a typical price chart smothered in technical indicators and oscillators, the F-Shift Forecaster uses neither. By re-sampling historical price data in a proprietary way, a trader or investor can now model probable outcomes over the next 12 periods. Daily, weekly and monthly data can be used to populate the platform by accessing free historical data from Yahoo finance. Once the platform has been populated you can engage the RANDbetween function built into the platform, by tapping the F9 key on your keyboard which generates 1000 unique iterations of probable outcomes  with each "tap". Now with the addition of the HYBRID tool, the user can analyze a shorter time frame (daily)  within a larger (weekly) forecast. Taking this analysis one step further, a "score" is assigned to each of the summary metrics for both the weekly and daily results also in a weighted AND non weighted environment - meaning the weekly results are afforded a greater importance or relevance given the larger time frame. Finally, a summary or recommendation in plain text English is generated based on this HYBRID score. Weekly combined with daily and weighted combined with non weighted gives you a completely new dimension in forecasting analysis and all accomplished without the use of a single chart or indicator! Welcome to the world of Fulcrum Shift Trading - the most innovative trading tools available today for risk management, position sizing and probability using the m3 - Money Management Modeler and the F-Shift Forecaster featuring the new HYBRID tool for MTF (multiple time frame) forecasting - all in the Excel environment.


Please click the link above to watch the latest media roll which is a 3 part web tutorial featuring the forecasters HYBRID forecast for $GLD


Brian Ault - Founder

Fulcrum Shft Trading