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Exiting a trade - All at once or scaling out of a winning position?? part 3

Closing out a winning position is more complex than most traders have ever really considered. Trust me, I developed the m3 - Money Management Modeler to address this very issue. In fact, when I completed the programming of this platform, I was completlely caught off guard at the results that my own program was generating. I had expected a tool that would keep all the "numbers" organized for me so that I wasn't always trying to calculate what I could make or lose and with "x" number of contracts. I had expected a tool to tell me what that meant in the way of returns based on  my fluctuating trading capital either positively or negatively in the event of a losing trade. What I got was all of that and a whole lot more. When factoring in probability - my "best course of action" wasn't always the best course, depending on certain numbers and variables I input. When the end user takes the time to learn the m3, it will take your trading and your returns to another level entirely. I, as the creator of this program, even had multiple "aha" moments as I began modelling out various "what-if" scenarios and I am confident you will too. This was only to be a 3 part tutorial but given the amount of new information you are going to be introduced to, it will be no less than a 4 and perhaps even 5 part series.

 Click the link - enjoy and see how far this worm hole really goes!


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