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New features on m3 - Money Management Modeler - NEW Margins,Price Levels and LONG/SHORT fields

Still at it !

Fulcrum Shift Trading is constantly improving and adding value to the m3 - Money Management Modeler. These latest upgrades and enhancements were suggestions from current users of the m3.  Here are the following upgrades now available;

1) User Defined Margin Levels

I received a request to include various margin levels yesterday. Some traders can leverage their accounts with very high multiples which ultimately can affect the calculations within the platform as far as returns, percentage of account utilized etc. The end user can now select from a drop down list, margin from 1.5 x right up to 20x. Prior to this change the m3 had a built in calculation which basically assumed you were limited to 2x your account balance. Also note that prior to a user defining their individual margin level, if a trader wishes NOT to use margin and trade on CASH only, that option of course is available (I blogged about this 2 days ago . Now if the CASH option is selected the margin values are turned off. See the pic. below...

m3 - Money Management Modeler - Margin upgrade features
m3 - Money Management Modeler - Margin upgrade features
2) Define a LONG or SHORT position which now displays profit target price levels and stops based on your point objectives and STOP
That was a mouthful - now when modeling stock trades you enter the price of the stock as you did before. Model out your point objectives AND your point stop as before. But now you can define whether you are LONG or SHORT the trade which will ADD your point objectives to produce a defined price target (if you are LONG a position). If you are SHORT a position your point objectives will be subtracted from the entry price (all 3 legs will produce actual price levels) and of course since you are SHORT the position, your STOP will be added to the entry price. Prior to this there were no price levels shown, just your point objectives and stop. This is very useful because when looking at a chart pattern, I will look for previous support and resistance levels when modeling my stops and profit objectives. When I engage the spinners I can see the price levels dynamically adjust until I reach those optimal levels. This really streamlines my modeling time rather than having to calculate how many points I have to add or subtract for profit objectives or stops. I just look at the chart, switch to the m3, enter the price of the stock, define whether long or short and then begin spinning the stops and profit objectives to the price levels I want. See the pic. below...
m3 - Money Management Modeler - New Price Levels
m3 - Money Management Modeler - New Price Levels
Hope you enjoy the new features. I will be posting a web - tutorial on how I quickly use my m3 platform for modeling risk in the heat of an actual trade prior to initiating with real capital. Stay tuned for that later today or tomorrow.
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