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New Features on m3 - Money Management Modeler

The m3 – Money Management Modeler continues to improve constantly by refining the logistics of its use and functionality. The latest feature that I felt would improve the usability of the platform was to increase the “spinner speed” and efficiency when a user is modeling his or her individual point objectives and the number of contract or shares on a per leg basis. Recognizing that each trader has their own individual starting account balance, the ability to quickly define the number of contracts needed improvement. For example, an individual with a large trading account balance may be in a position to trade 40,50 60 etc. contracts at a time. When modeling a trade on the fly – speed is paramount. Prior to this latest upgrade, one would have to click the spinner on each leg in increments of 1 to reach the number of contracts/shares they were looking to execute on. Now by 1st defining the increments spinner you can quickly reach your number of contracts/shares by multiples of 2,4,5,10 or any combination you desire rather than just  in increments of 1. The same capabilities are also incorporated into your point objectives as well. Please see the attached screen shot below. I have also included a quick 5 minute web tutorial for your viewing.


m3 - Money Management Modeler (incremental spinners)
m3 - Money Management Modeler (incremental spinners) (Click to enlarge) (Click to watch 5 min. web tutorial)


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