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The Market is Ready to Say So Long to 2009 and Hello 2010

|Includes: Medifast, Inc. (MED)

Where do we go from here?  With Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa now clearly
in sight and consumers and investors in a relatively good mood we should
have a nice quiet conclusion to the trading year.  December has virtually
mirrored the rest of 2009.  We witnessed promising signs on Home Sales,
Employment and Leading Economic Indicators.  Each time a data point was
released the market appeared ready to roar ahead only to quickly lose
momentum and close with a ho hum.  We recently saw Dubai taken to the brink
of collapse only to be reeled back from the edge by big brother Abu Dhabi.
The market trembled for a day only to recover fully the following week.
So, again where do we go from here?  Barring another external shock to the
market the path of least resistance marginally favors the bulls.

The employment picture continues to improve somewhat modestly month over
month.  Productivity remains strong.  With an even incremental uptick in
revenues corporate earnings should be set to impress.  While credit remains
elusive to some, conditions are much improved from the dark days of early
2009.  The Federal Reserve is forcing money out of safe havens into the
lending pipeline.  But, there remain bottlenecks and clogs on the way down
to the consumer.  Unclog the pipes and look out above.  

One last positive note to share is the stampede of tarp receiving institutions to issue secondary's and repay the treasury.  While the catalyst to repay appears to be to escape the compensation caps of the pay czar, the ability of the markets to absorb a substantial capital raise without breaking down is impressive.  We've also heard from GM and AIG setting out time lines for their intentions to repay the US taxpayer.  Wow!  What a way to end the year.  

One investment idea to share is for growth investors.  Medifast(NYSE:MED).  Medifast recently posted another record quarter with revenue,+65% and earnings,+109%.  The acceptance and choice of heathy living by consumers has propelled both over the previous three and nine month periods.   Even in an extremely challenging economic environment with consumers purchasing power impaired, MED's healthy living proposition proved to be an attractive option.  Coupling MED's healthy eating program with their Take Shape for Life centers and coaching has proven thus far to be a home run.          

 As we have all year, we are aggressively invested and anticipate remaining so through year end.  We view any weakness as an opportunity to invest new monies at attractive entry points.  We are working on our 2010 outlook and projections and look forward to sharing with you soon.    

Yours in pursuit of the Kwan.

In a note of full disclosure, I may own personally or for my clients accounts shares of MED.  Before making any investment decisions please do your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor.