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nanopool and SiO2- ultra thin layering

|Includes: The Clorox Company (CLX), DWDP, ZEP

Reading the recent press materials from German, privately held, nanopool GbmH (, I have become fascinated with its potentially disruptive technology, "liquid spray-on glass" or "SiO2- ultra thin layering".  If their claims are true and nanopool - which is currently testing its product in the UK - eventually sells in the US, their product lines could become a major competitor to many established brands and disrupt the sales of others.

"SiO2- ultra thin layering" is a nano-like product which, apparently, contains no nano particles.  Using raw materials of quartz sand and water or ethanol, the product creates a long term, impermeable, glass layer on most materials including wood, cork, glass, limestone and fabrics.  This results in the creation of a stain resistant supersurface on these materials which is easily cleaned by water and highly bacterial resistant. It is estimated that after application of this product in a hotel or restaurant environment, cleaning costs can be reduced by 40%.  McDonald's is testing the product in Austria.

A means of investing in this product at this time is not available as nanopool is a private enterprise; its production raw materials are ubiquitous; and its marketing partner, Technology Marketing Management also appears to be private.

On the other hand, the companies and products that may be disrupted by this technology are clear.  Harsh chemicals like Comet or Chlorox bleach and stain resistant treatments such as Scotch Guard might all be in for tough skating as a result of the newly treated surfaces laid down by nanopool.

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