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Save Big Bird 2012

So, it is after the debate and the Republicans seem more pleased with Romney and quite a few Democrats irritated by Obama. But, many of us can reach across the aisle to agree on one thing.

Save Big Bird.

It is interesting that we are mad at Obama. Romney is a full time campaigner, a rich guy, with plenty of resources. Rather you like it or not Obama has a full time job; President. If most of us had the resources and time Romney had we would be able to get the right coaches to teach us to be good at things we normally suck at.

Obama had to do his debate practice while campaigning and trying to run the "free world". And here we are siding with the rich dude and blaming the working man. Wealth has its' privileges.

But then again, if the polls are correct Obama has the lead and all he needs to do is not mess up; whereas Romney needs to take more risks to win. So, part of Obama's strategy may have been to keep out of trouble (though he looked genuinely tired).

But still, with all the coaching and practice time Romney got on National TV and did what one shouldn't, threaten an Icon "Big Bird"; which goes to prove what has been said all along he is out of touch.

More importantly the Republican Party is out of touch.

Time will tell, but it seems that most Americans don't want to fire Big Bird.