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'Dollar Valueless, About To Crash' - World Bank Whistleblower.Thoughts

I was asked for my comments on this here they are.
'Dollar Valueless, About To Crash' - World Bank Whistleblower

She is on target. I believe the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is setup to be a starting point for improvement in American healthcare. But, she is right it puts companies in a position where they could move workers part-time and then the workers end up being responsible for their own health insurance. Now, this has been true for awhile. It has been happening before the law. But, the law means that now, the worker could be a criminal for not having insurance. So there is a possibility that you have workers that can barely afford to live be in violation of the law because they don't have insurance. In theory, if the insurance is low enough, then people should be able to afford it or be eligible for Medicare.

Not sure about the conglomerate she mentioned. She is right. There are many of the same people on boards of different companies and that does concentrate power in the hands of a few.

I disagree with her on American culture. I think greed and negative individualism is a problem throughout our socioeconomic structure. American Privilege extends to the Wealthy, Middle class and Poor and many in America feel entitled. There are a lot of decent people in the US, but not all American citizens are wonderful.

Some people know a lot of what she is saying (with exception to her experience at the World Bank). However rather I agree or disagree I appreciate what she is doing. I think she is brave.

Our money has not been backed by Gold for many years. And people have been swearing that the economy will collapse because of it. Could this happen, yes. Will it happen soon; I am going to say No.
There are a lot of problems with the economy. Some areas of the government need to be revamped or cut. And the debt needs to be brought under control. But there are many powerful people that still have a lot invested in the America. I don't think they want to let those investments go easily.

I agree with her on gold. If you can afford it, it is good to have some in your portfolio. But it is like she said, right now you are buying it out of fear (the same reason you buy insurance). Unless there is some new usage that comes along for gold there seems to be enough of it to meet demand (that is NOT based on fear). But again, that could change.

I agree with her, banking could and should exist to support the economy. Right now a lot of banks are being used as tools for the elite.

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular. So yes, learn about it. Right now it is being used a lot, as an underground currency. But I think we are going to see that change very soon.