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Are Global Stock Markets About To Rally 10 Percent?


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Global Markets to Rally Soon.

China/Asia may experience an upside price swing of nearly +8 to +15%.

From our friends at Technical Traders,ARE GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS ABOUT TO RALLY 10 PERCENT?

January 14, 2019

Technical Traders Ltd. is issuing new analysis which indicates the US and global markets may be poised for a dramatic upside price swing over the next couple months. Recent events have driven asset class values to new valuations that may change the dynamics of markets for a few months. Prior to August/September 2018, many traders were fearful of the expectations of the US Federal Reserve, Global Trade Issues and the US Elections. Combine this with the end of the year liquidity issues and the threat of a US government shutdown over the wall funding and we have almost a perfect storm brewing for uncertainty and fear.Read the entire article on my website,Dudley