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Sunshine Mine - Who Will Win The Prize??

Perhaps you have heard of the historic Sunshine Mine in Idaho's Silver Valley?


The history of this past producing silver property goes back originally to 1878-1884 producing over 360,000,000 ounces of silver since 1904. The mine has quite a history and has affected many lives in the silver valley, both good and bad.

The current owners are in bankruptcy and several companies are eager to get their hands on the prize... ownership of Sunshine Mine.


For us, the situation is kind of sentimental. I was in the Coeur d'Alene, Kellogg and Wallace Idaho area way back in August 1979 which unfortunately means I must be getting old, but only 64. Silver then was around $9 an oz. and on its way to $50, but who would have known? I have saved a brochure all these years which marks the 100th Anniversary of the Sunshine Mine from 1878 to 1978.


Two of the bidders for the mine are Alberta  Star (TSX:ASX) which has recently partnered with Kootenay Gold (TSX:KTN) and Minco Silver (TSX:MSV). We encourage you to visit the links to their respective websites for more information on each company.

Bob Moriarty of shares with us his recent thoughts on the bidders in his article   dated January 27, 2010, Update on the Sunshine Saga.

Bob's previous article on the subject is also interesting and provides some background for interested investors:

Shenanigans in the Silver Valley


For recent news, visit this link to the Idaho Business Review, dated March 19th,

Take Over Bids Heat Up Over Sterling Mining.

A further perspective and history can be found in this piece on

Sunshine Mine


The bankruptcy auction is scheduled for April 21, 2010 so we will not have long to wait.


Of course, we don't have a clue as to the ultimate winner of this contest, but we are more than interested observers. We believe this will be a very profitable acquisition for the winning bidder as well as from the historical perspective and thus, we have taken an investment position in both Alberta Star and Minco Silver to make sure we get a slice of the prize.



We own shares in both Alberta Star and Minco Silver.


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March 25, 2010

Dudley Pierce Baker

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Disclosure: We own shares in Alberta Star and Minco Silver