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Rich Trends

Below is a list of trends which businesspeople and investors should be watching.  Most are obvious, some are not.  Some are top of mind while others have been overlooked.

1. Age Wave:  Boomers in prime earning years and thinking about post-retirement life (consumption trends downward; savings trends upward)
2. 24/7 Economy
3. Brazil/Russia/India/China (BRIC) Growth

4. Global Warming/Green: The most over-hyped and over-explored trend of our times

5. Disintermediation
6. Electricity Shortage
7. Process Visibility

8. Verification/Validation/Authentication:  Information overload; “any idiot with an opinion and a PC can post on the Web”

9. Customization vs. Privacy Trade-Off
10. De-Luxury:  The tangible differences between luxury and non-luxury goods are shrinking. As a result, prices for luxury goods are falling.
11. "Treat Me as an Individual" and "I am a Member of a Group that is Being Victimized" Paradox
12. Network Power
13.  Quantum Cost Reductions:  Continuous improvement cost reduction mindset being slowly replaced by breakthrough, discontinuous, quantum cost reductions

In subsequent posts these trends will be described and profit opportunities will be explored.

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