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Seeking Alpha’s Compensation Information: Money In The Bank (Literally)

One of the most relevant (and perhaps exciting) benefits of contributing to Seeking Alpha for students is the fact that you will be paid for all articles that are published exclusively. Please see below for all the information you need to know about being paid for contributing exclusive articles to Seeking Alpha:

❖ How much will I be paid?

➢ Please see here for our current compensation plan.

➢ Authors whose ideas are selected and published as Top Ideas will now receive $1,000. To know more details how payment is calculated for exclusive articles, please see here.

➢ To view the number of article page views, log in and go to the contributor dashboard here.

❖ If there are multiple authors for a specific article, are all authors paid?

➢ No. Payment is made to the 'primary author' (i.e., the person who submitted the article) by default.

➢ However, if you do not want the 'primary author' to be paid, you can inform our editors to pay a different author (so long as he/she/the club has a contributor account on Seeking Alpha). To inform the editors about this, please write the following statement in the "Note to Editors" box at the bottom of the last page of the submission process before submitting the article.

“Please make (insert Seeking Alpha contributor you wish to be paid) the paid author for this article.”

❖ If there are multiple authors for a specific article, can Seeking Alpha split the earnings equally amongst all contributors?

➢ Unfortunately, we cannot do this at this point in time. As a result, you need to decide which author you want to receive the money and then it is up to you all to figure out how to split the earnings.

❖ How do I make sure I am paid?

➢ When you are ready to submit your article, make sure to select the first option on this page (i.e., "An article that can be published only on Seeking Alpha").

➢ The first time you submit a "premium" exclusive article, you will be asked to fill in your payment details. Please remember that you will only need to do this one time, as once you have entered this information, it will be saved for future reference○

Note: If you are a non-US citizen, please put your original home address and select the country you are from (i.e., do not select United States of America) to avoid difficulties.

○ Note: We are never asking you to pay money to submit an article. Students often get confused by this statement:"Payment method minimum threshold: USD 100.00." However, as you will see below, this statement means something entirely different.

❖ When am I paid?

➢ Payments are made on a monthly basis. Please note that we only pay contributors each month if earnings are over $100. Earnings not over $100 will simply be rolled over to the next month.

❖ Whom should I contact if I have questions about my payments and/or need assistance?

➢ Please e-mail if you have any questions or need assistance with regard to your payments.

➢ For more details on our payments related to exclusive articles, please see our FAQ here.