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Seeking Alpha’s Article Content Guide: What Can I Write About?

When thinking about what to write for Seeking Alpha, you might wonder well what CAN I write about?! This page hopefully will answer all of your questions related to what type of articles interest our readers.

❖ What can articles/content be about?

➢ We accept articles about stocks/ETFs that trade on U.S. exchanges.

➢ Articles should consist of fundamental analysis of the overall market, an investment theme, a sector, or a particular stock.

➢ Every article must include information that could help a reader make an investment decision in a security or sector.

➢ We recommend writing about an undercovered stock or unique idea that will stand out from the crowd as opposed to frequently discussed stocks/ideas.

❖ What makes for a Seeking Alpha PRO article?

➢ Seeking Alpha PRO articles provide insightful analysis of stocks that lack high-quality coverage, or provide must-have analysis on better covered stocks. This analysis usually goes beyond the surface-level story of the stock to add original insights to the investment discussion on the company.

❖ What makes for a Top Idea article?

Top Ideas typically present an asymmetric risk/reward scenario and in many cases these articles present event-driven opportunities or focus on special situations.

Basic Editorial Principles

➢ The author must agree in writing to Seeking Alpha's terms of use.

➢ Articles must be publish-ready (e.g., grammatically clean and well-written).

➢ Articles about a stock trading at less than $1 or with a market cap below $100 million will see extra scrutiny but are still eligible for publication, once a contributor has written a few articles already.

❖ Article Submission Guidelines

➢ Please see here for our article submission guidelines and our editorial guidelines. We strongly recommend reading this over before writing your first few articles. Make sure to start your article with an intro to your thesis (as opposed to general company information), and end with an actionable conclusion. Use source links to support your ideas and references.  Please read this article carefully for in-depth insight on the type of content that meets our editorial guidelines. 

❖ We strongly recommend reading many articles on the site to familiarize yourself with our content coverage and article style before submitting your own idea.