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So You’re A Collegiate Student Interested In Writing About Finance And Investing, Now What?

Are you interested in finance, investing, and equity research?

Do you wish to share your ideas with a passionate finance and investing community?

Do you want to learn from and network with financial professionals and readers?

Are you interested in ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace?

Would you like to be paid for all the above?

Yes? We thought so.

Now is your chance to become a contributor on the #1 platform for crowdsourced investment research!

Joining Seeking Alpha's network of collegiate contributors is a fantastic way to let your passion and interest in finance and investing shine.

Why should I become a Seeking Alpha contributor?

➢ Publishing your investment ideas on Seeking Alpha is the single best way for you to:

Build your personal brand: Differentiate yourself in a highly competitive marketplace by showcasing your investment skills and building a performance track record.

Develop your investment skill set: Incorporate feedback from our editors and other readers and join in the investment discussion on Seeking Alpha.

Gain exposure: Reach over 4 million investors on Seeking Alpha, and millions more via our content syndication partners including CNBC, Bloomberg, NASDAQ, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Connect and network: Access thousands of industry professionals, company management, and like-minded investors.

Make money: Earn at least $0.01/pageview, and can earn as much as $35 + $0.01/pageview per exclusive article.

➢ What to write, when, and how often is entirely up to you - you can work on an article and submit it whenever you're ready as long as the content remains timely and current for readers.

What type of articles can I write?

➢ In general, we look for market analysis that is well-presented, actionable, and takes a look at the fundamentals; this could be analysis of the overall market, an investment theme, a sector, or a particular stock (note: we recommend writing about an undercovered stock or unique idea that will stand out from the crowd as opposed to frequently discussed stocks/ideas). Articles do not have to include an explicit buy/sell recommendation to be actionable (i.e., articles can be about macro-economics), but every article must include information that could help a reader make an investment decision in a security or sector.

➢ Check out this page for a more comprehensive answer to this question as well as links and examples to various articles that might help you see what type of content we look for.

❖ How can I become a Seeking Alpha contributor?

➢ Becoming a contributor on Seeking Alpha is very easy and only takes 5-10 minutes.

➢ Look at this page for instructions on how to set up your contributor account so you can get the ball rolling!

How do I submit articles on Seeking Alpha individually and/or with other authors?

➢ Once you have a contributor account, submitting articles is a piece of cake.

➢ Please see this page to learn how to submit articles both individually and with multiple authors.

❖ How does the editorial process and feedback work?

➢ Once you submit your article, our editors will review it and will get back to you within about 24-48 hours. Your article will either be published or returned to you with editorial feedback.

➢ Please see this page for more information on how the editorial process and feedback work.

What do you MEAN I get paid?

➢ That's right - you heard correctly. You will be paid for articles that are exclusive to Seeking Alpha.

➢ To learn more about our compensation process, please see this page.

What if I have questions about Seeking Alpha's campus outreach program and Seeking Alpha's contributor process?

➢ Please contact the following if you have any questions or need any assistance:

■ Amarpreet Kaur: Campus Outreach Coordinator (

■ Seeking Alpha Campus Outreach Team: