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So You’re A Collegiate Student Interested In Writing About Finance And Investing, Now What?

Are you interested in finance, investing, and equity research?

Do you wish to share your ideas with a passionate finance and investing community?

Do you want to learn from and network with financial professionals and readers?

Are you interested in ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace?

Would you like to be paid for all the above?

Yes? We thought so.

Now is your chance to become a contributor on the #1 platform for crowdsourced investment research!

Joining Seeking Alpha's network of collegiate contributors is a fantastic way to let your passion and interest in finance and investing shine.

Why should I become a Seeking Alpha contributor?

➢ Publishing your investment ideas on Seeking Alpha is the single best way for you to:

Build your personal brand: Differentiate yourself in a highly competitive marketplace by showcasing your investment skills and building a performance track record.

Develop your investment skill set: Incorporate feedback from our editors and other readers and join in the investment discussion on Seeking Alpha.

Gain exposure: Reach over 4 million investors on Seeking Alpha, and millions more via our content syndication partners including CNBC, Bloomberg, NASDAQ, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Connect and network: Access thousands of industry professionals, company management, and like-minded investors.

Make money: Earn at least $0.01/pageview, and can earn as much as $35 + $0.01/pageview per exclusive article.

➢ What to write, when, and how often is entirely up to you - you can work on an article and submit it whenever you're ready as long as the content remains timely and current for readers.

What type of articles can I write?

➢ In general, we look for market analysis that is well-presented, actionable, and takes a look at the fundamentals; this could be analysis of the overall market, an investment theme, a sector, or a particular stock (note: we recommend writing about an undercovered stock or unique idea that will stand out from the crowd as opposed to frequently discussed stocks/ideas). Articles do not have to include an explicit buy/sell recommendation to be actionable (i.e., articles can be about macro-economics), but every article must include information that could help a reader make an investment decision in a security or sector.

➢ Check out this page for a more comprehensive answer to this question as well as links and examples to various articles that might help you see what type of content we look for.  Please read this article carefully for in-depth insight on the type of content that meets our editorial guidelines. 

❖ How can I become a Seeking Alpha contributor?

➢ Becoming a contributor on Seeking Alpha is very easy and only takes 5-10 minutes.

➢ Look at this page for instructions on how to set up your contributor account so you can get the ball rolling!

How do I submit articles on Seeking Alpha individually and/or with other authors?

➢ Once you have a contributor account, submitting articles is a piece of cake.

➢ Please see this page to learn how to submit articles both individually and with multiple authors.

❖ How does the editorial process and feedback work?

➢ Once you submit your article, our editors will review it and will get back to you within about 24-48 hours. Your article will either be published or returned to you with editorial feedback.

➢ Please see this page for more information on how the editorial process and feedback work.

What do you MEAN I get paid?

➢ That's right - you heard correctly. You will be paid for articles that are exclusive to Seeking Alpha.

➢ To learn more about our compensation process, please see this page.

What if I have questions about Seeking Alpha's campus outreach program and Seeking Alpha's contributor process?

➢ Please contact the following if you have any questions or need any assistance:

■ Amarpreet Kaur: Campus Outreach Coordinator (

■ Seeking Alpha Campus Outreach Team: