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Seeking Alpha Online Stock Pitch Competition - Small-Mid Cap Stocks

​The Seeking Alpha Campus Outreach team is hosting our next online Stock Pitch Competition. The topic for this competition is "Small-Mid Cap Stocks". Entries will be accepted from Oct 15, 2016 until 11:59 PM EST on Nov 15, 2016. The market cap of the stock under discussion cannot exceed $10B.

Covering smaller-cap, less-covered stocks is usually helpful in seeing a submission through to publication, as finding unique insights on the bigger-name, well-covered stocks usually proves to be quite challenging - even for our veteran contributors!

All entries will receive standard exclusive article compensation and can earn anywhere up to $500 (should your article be selected as a Top Idea on Seeking Alpha PRO).

In addition to normal compensation, our editors will evaluate each entry and will select three winners who will receive the following prizes:

1st Prize - Six Months Access to SA PRO

2nd Prize - Three Months Access to SA PRO

3rd Prize - One Month Access to SA PRO

Seeking Alpha PRO is an equity research platform that provides fundamental investors with high quality ideas and the ability to research a broad range of stocks in a time efficient manner by showing you the most important Seeking Alpha articles to read on any given stock. PRO sifts through the noise of the general site and delivers Seeking Alpha's best, most actionable content.

As part of your Seeking Alpha PRO subscription, you will receive:

· Idea Generation - Rapidly evaluate our best long and short ideas with bullet point summaries

· Research a Stock - Read articles and comments that raise important issues that you might not be aware of and often aren't covered by sell side research. Get coverage that is far broader than the sell side, including thousands of small caps with no sell side coverage.

· First Look - Get ahead of the game with 24 hour advance look on key long and short articles

· On-demand research - Request coverage on specific tickers

All ​competition ​submissions will be judged by our editors based on the following criteria:

· Do you make a clear case for why the market has this stock wrong?

· Are there clear catalysts to drive upside/downside?

· How is the risk/reward here skewed in investors' favor?

· How material is your thesis to the stock's price?

· Do you present an original thesis on the stock?

· How did readers react?

· In-depth, fundamental analysis supported by images, charts and sources

· Must be exclusively submitted for Seeking Alpha (cannot be published in another location)

You must check the box "Enter Competition", which appears at the very end of the submission process, below the article preview. Once you check the box, a drop down list will open to let you select the "small-mid cap stocks: online competition" tag.

Stock pitches can be either a long or short idea, and the stock covered must trade on a U.S. stock exchange. The article can have one author or multiple authors; however, there will only be one free Pro subscription issued to each of the top three articles. You can work with others but just keep in mind that only one will be able to receive the prize.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact Seeking Alpha Campus Outreach (