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SA Contributor​ ​Mentorship Program

Have an article​ drafted but want some feedback before submitting it to SA editors? No worries at all! We have an ever-growing network of contributor mentors who are willing to review articles for starting contributors. They can help review your work for edits and provide feedback before you submit the final version to the Seeking Alpha editorial team. These contributors have graciously offered to volunteer their time and talents to help our new contributors write top-notch articles and stock pitches.

Please let us know your focus area ( and we will put you in touch with the mentor best suited to your needs. Review the categories in the linked doc (here), and let us know which best matches the subject of your article. If you are having trouble deciding or locating a match, share your deliberations with us and we'll try to help.

Once we share a mentor's contact details, you can reach out with your draft for review. Please share your drafts at least 5-7 days in advance of your desired submission date so the mentors can review at their convenience.

Recommendations for format and length for each article will vary by contributor; however you should always make sure your spelling and grammar are clean before sharing your draft.

We strongly encourage you to utilize this resource as it can significantly improve your chances to get published and have your content succeed with readers. It's a very valuable tool as these contributors are very passionate about helping newcomers get started with Seeking Alpha. Best of luck!