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Why Google is a Buy! The growth of Information Markets and Google's leadership position

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will become the largest most profitable Company in the world in next 20 years

AS a former stock broker, 20-year stock trader and serial entrepreneur my life experiences have given me a unique perspective to back the prediction made in this report that Google will become the largest and most profitable company in the world within 20 years. From investing experiences I learned as all savvy investors know by now that innovation that defines new markets is what typically creates great wealth.

I remember when I became a stock Broker in the early eighties reading about a company that was trading for less than $2 but several experts said that because it had the only real product for the new PC business that this cheap stock would one-day be one of largest companies in the world, that Company was Microsoft which at the time was smaller than lotus software. I missed out on Microsoft because I could not grasp it at the time. Later in the late eighties a networking company came to my attention, A company that led the world in networking computers, that company was Cisco systems, I did catch all of Cisco’s growth, in fact at one time I lived off trading Cisco’s stock exclusively for 3 years straight.

The same phenomenon that powered Microsoft and Cisco is at work behind Google.Google is already gigantic having 2007 revenues of $16.5 billion and earnings of $4.2billion.Google has also had growth rates above 50%for the past 3 years.I believe that Google has an innovative business model that defines the greatest market of all time,that of the information market

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