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Premium Collection Strategy Guide and Option Pricing Models for Collecting Option Premiums

If you would like to learn more about how you may benefit from the fact that most options expire worthless, or if you would just like to learn more about selling options, just join with Time Means Money to receive a complimentary guide which will explain the benefits and risks of premium collection strategies. Time Means Money known as a the premium collection program that can help collect option premiums by using options pricing models and theory. LaSalle Futures Group, one of the centers of international futures trading, brought this informative site on Options and Futures to traders so that ones who have interest can learn all the dynamics on Options Pricing and Option Models for their success in the future. Back to our premium collection strategy guide, there you can learn what investment managers have understood for years, that by using options and risk capital, the very passage of time itself can be used to make money. You can learn how option selling can give you, the individual investor, the potential to harness and profit from the unstoppable advance of time. Through the use of credit spreads and risk management, the guide will explain how individual investors can collect premium by selling options, thereby attempting to take advantage of the time value decay aspect of options. And a lot... If you find it interesting in options trading, just stop by to learn more. Never useless, I'm sure.