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SaaS Index Insights Vol 5 Is Now Published On

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Table of Contents

How To Use This Report  

This Quarter – Regular Readers Start Here  

Momentum: The Q-Q Revenue Growth Winners 

But Value Does Still Matter 

State Of The SaaS Market This Quarter 

Buy, Sell & Short Recommendations 

The SaaS Investment Thesis 

This Report Is SaaS, Not Cloud: The Top Of The Stack  

Why SaaS Is Better For Customers 

Why SaaS Is Better For Vendors (ie Management Team)

Why SaaS Is Better For Investors 

What Investors Need To Think About  

Buy The SaaS Index Or Individual SaaS Stocks? 

Investors Focus During The Tornado Phase Of SaaS 

Why We Measure Q-Q Revenue Growth  

The M&A Driver And The Value Trap 

Small Cap Hell aka Size Does Matter 

Valuing The (NYSE:CRM) Bellwether  

The 3-Point Bear Case On CRM   

The 3-Point Bull Case On CRM   

Is CRM A Platform? 

Index Methodology