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The Compass

The Elections have come and gone but the focus seems to be on unrelated events which have nothing to do with Stocks or the Stockmarket. It remains to be seen whether the Focus can return to the Root of SA or whether it will forever be mired in chatter.

Stocks/Commodities which will enrich investors Should be the direction of our group and it was for a while but I fear that its back to politics, conspiracies, war, whatever.

I'm going to try to steer the Investment Ship away from Politics.

So be forewarned, If the comments on this Insta become mired with  commentary which is unrelated to Investing,

I WILL DELETE The Entire Insta and start all over. All comments will be lost.

To give you an idea, please note how easy it is to Cut and Paste this Insta, Broken Compass Instas follow.