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Refocus, Rant...The Same Old: Change, what Change?

You go out and you strive to make the Country better and what do you get?

The Same Old CRAP, The Earmark dipsticking Congress and the clueless Republicans who look to "Compromise" instead of just keeping their promises.

Vote on one and Only One thing. Strip this proposal of everything other than The Bush Tax cuts. Do it piece by piece if need be.

Fix the AMT to force the billionaires/millionaires to pay what they were supposed to in the first place, eliminate whatever loopholes they are using. Tax the "Charitable" contributions a minimum amount And do not allow them to be used as Tax credits in any form.

Eliminate the AMT for everyone else, In Other words use theĀ INTENT behind the AMT not the Wording of it, (Alternative Minimum Tax).

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