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Cardica-CRDC, An Opinion

CRDC was a speculation bought about 12 months ago at $11. I didn't buy it, my husband did. He called it the Surgical event of the Decade. After seeing a few video clips, I agreed to the purchase of 200 shares.

It promptly dropped like the proverbial Rock. But the Promise was still there.

Imagine going into a hospital for Old fashioned  "Open Heart Surgery" but leaving on your own power 24 hrs later, ready to resume life. Theoretically, you could leave the same day. The problem with their devices wasn't whether they worked, it was that Doctors had to be trained to use them. And this became increasingly difficult with the Economical strains

No more cutting open your chest, a couple of slits between your ribs, a machine does it all. Imagine the savings both in costs and life. (The shorter your hospital stay, the more likely you will avoid infections... my opinion)

They also have another device which "sews" you up internally after the Surgery. They have demonstrated its viability as a standalone and in joint operations with ISRG's equipment.

Our time frame is 3-5 years for success or failure. I reduced our initial Average cost by more than 50% today. If they succeed, it would be like Buying Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) on the ground floor.

The Price suggests an outright Speculation. It isn't to us, But nonetheless, Please do Due Dilligence.