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An Ode to my Hubby

On Jan. 2nd 2009, NOWHEREMAN posted the following comment:

"Thank you for the compliment User 30121.

I like boring. Boring means being happy with the situation and most of all being happy with my selections.

I'll put forth my expected scenario for you: Dollar up say to 92, gold down to low $600's and oil back down to low $30's taking Nat. Gas down to $4.00.

Dow back down to 7,000, S&P to 700. Lots of backing and filling in the stock sector with the Internationals faring best.

Accelerating increases in Bankruptcies outside of Housing, Corporate Bond defaults, State default scares, etc. just your normal, run of the mill Deep Recession which just started as far as the consumer is concerned.

I'm prepared for a worst case Scenario. I won't be surprised if everything goes to Hell in a Handbasket.

BGZ, TZA, ERY, FAZ because of the Triple nature of these ETFs, I have been able to insure my entire portfolio at a fraction.

Meanwhile, if something bad were to happen on the Oil front, well I've still have my Canroys and recent acquisitions of TNK, MHI and MAV."

He may not have been perfect, but we sure made a ton of money. FAZ in particular. As soon as, 7,000 and 700 were breached we started nibbling. And then buying "hand over fist" when Obama decided that what happened to the Stockmarket actually "mattered". It was an Inflection Point.

With an almost 50% rise in the S&P and 100% or more rise in many of our BUY and Hold investments (losers of course, a few but more recent in nature), What now?

The Following Link is to an Article dealing with the Activities of our markets after a two Week Up move as a forward leading Indicator.

Since we have always compared this Meltdown to the Oct. 1972 to Oct. 1974 decline, we were forced to take another look at what happened in 1974 post a rise of more than 10% in two weeks.

In 1974, that was the Bottom of that Bear Market. History repeats but not perfectly.

I hope the DOW continues Up this week, so I don't have to make a premature decision. We are on the verge of selling 50% of all nondividend investments and buying the SDS this time. Holding some Gold, Oil and all Ag related investments.
Rough Rice has definitely broken out to the Upside.

Good luck all.