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Mining Ideas

First India, now Sri Lanka:

A couple of puppies here, I'm shoving this one at the top and hope it links correctly:

this is company specific:

This is an Audio link, I hope it works because it Involves REEs:

China has an eye on Mongolia now that they have allowed the commencement of actual Mining:

BHP chile copper strike still on:

Medical Silver news:

more Lithium:,28124,26266784-36418,00.html

Chavez is at it again:

more on South Gobi:

an 80% owned unit of Ivanhoe Mines, SGQRF:

The demand for diamonds is increasing, too bad DeBeers is no longer a Standalone.

South American Copper Mining operations:


This link is to a relatively untalked about Junior development stage company:{EB3882AE-A14B-4605-B0F3-FA88B2B97C73}&newsid=972824628&orig=charting&time=8&symb=RRLMF&sid=2621777&source=htx\http2_mw

There is a strike in progress: