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The Program Traders are still buying but not in the Volumes they could be as a percentage of all NYSE volume. They can really "Wag" the dog when they want to.

Volume has been running in the 25% range for the past few weeks, it has been above 40% during this Up move.

Insiders are still Bullish, Institutions are Investors, Insiders are the Officers and Directors of any given Company.

The Nyse membership is net Positive over the past 2 weeks with an Increase in the the last couple of days and the last week, even when the market has been down.

I used to watch the last hour but have noticed the shift in tactics, they are buying but not with the Volume need to reverse a move. In other words, they are accumulating. This is in line with the Slowdown by the Program Traders, who are for the most part, also Nyse Members.

The new sentiment figures haven't hit yet as I write this.

All in all, I'm still looking for a Correction because I feel too many people are too bullish but the correction should be in line with previous corrections in this move.

The DJTA did not confirm the DJIA which is short term negative. The Baltic Dry however seems to have turned up.

1,000 now dead from Swine Flu in the USA. of the expected 120 Million doses, only around 12 million delivered.

Whither the S&P?  Probably the upper 1100 area as the Dow makes a move toward 11,000. Any problems are going to come from an unexpected direction. So far all is quiet on all known counts.