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Tungsten, stainless steel and superalloys, more than 80% of worldwide output is Chinese but they are running out so exports are being curtailed. I'm trying to track down companies with production or properties. Do not have any to post.

Tantalum, electronics and power supply, the Chinese have to import it. Unfortunately for us, the largest reserves are in areas of Central Africa considered to be Combat Zones. The Chinese purchase their supplies easily because they deal with the sellers.

We can't. We have Rules against dealing with countries which abuse human rights and the Environment.

The Illegal Tantalum is abundant, the Chinese buy it, use it and undermine Legal producers. Last year because of the Demand Destruction and Chinese sales, many mines were shuttered. When push comes to shove, the rest of the World will either have to give up its "Scruples" or face severe shortages.

We are screwed.

This is an overview. If I see companies involved, I will shove them in here.

GDLNF, amazing how these writers do not bother to go through the effort of finding the Symbols which can be used by US Investors.