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Political Forum? Investment Forum?

While Investing, the Political climate must be taken into account. But once it is, it doesn't provide a suitable Investment. Just like Bush was the object of derision because of his policies, Now Obama is too.

How many times do the Same Agendas have to be rehashed. If you can't invest in this Political climate without blaming something or someone, then you may as well not Invest at all.

You can just bemoan all of the injustices from the Beginning of Man's rise on the Planet, over and over. Or you can toss them aside and concentrate on making suitable investments.

Elliot Wave, K-Wave, Fibonacci, Candlesticks, Dow Theory, Bubbles, Black Swans, Gann, Astrology...the list goes on. None of them mean anything unless you have Money Invested. And you won't ever invest in anything, if the only thing you can do is moan about Politics.

All of them were created when the others Failed at some Point, A Better Model to explain what went wrong.

"This time its different." But it never is. Circumstances change, factors which didn't exist before, historical comparisons, use whatever you want. 

History Repeats But Never Exactly.