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AlbertaRocks on the Surface of Jupiter (draft)

Lets post this on top:

"Onto another quick topic. Maya made the following suggestion: "Suggestion A: Be a little more sympathetic to race, religion and sex."

Never once have I said anything that could be considered as even close to crossing those boundaries. I live in Calgary for cryin' out loud, one of the most racially diverse cities in existence. My very dear friends come from every color, nationality and creed known. I even enjoyed Chinese New Year in the home of a Chinese family who speak very, very little English. They've come to cherish me, simply because I'm kind to them and have no racial biases. Their offer to me was a very deep sign of respect to yours truly. Needless to say, I was very honored by their gift. So I take extreme exception to accusations of somehow being racist. Extreme exception!"

No one called him a Racist, but any person who knows women are reading comments should know that using words like "Bitches, Fuck, Twat, and descriptions of Melon Breasted women" Can and Will be called a Male Chauvinist.

An Oinker from the word go. Scroll down to the bottom of this Insta to see what he thinks of women in general.

First Lets start out with a really Poisonous Atmosphere. I chose Jupiter because I want to make sure that there will be no escape, for anyone.

I re-entered SA after a forced hiatus only to find "rocks" entrenched. My sole comment on the Hindenberg Omen was that if it became "Widely" followed, it could be easily manipulated.

His response:

On Oct 31 11:00 AM Freya wrote:

> I meant, and still do, that when an adage becomes well known, its
> easy to exploit. As far as I can tell, this is New. So crank up your
> Engine.<

"Hindenburg Omen??? Someone found something that worked in the Past, now its being widely disemminated, once Known, will it ever work again? Once Known, The Program Traders will use it to hand your heads on a Pike with it."

The quote above is what made me think you were flat out, insultingly, shooting down me and anything I have to say. Even if I drew the wrong conclusion about what you were trying to say, I'll never be the same. lol

Oct 31 13:21 pm |Rating: +6 0 |

He was Insulted? But even if he was wrong, He will never be the same. 

Right or wrong, because I gave the Omen a caveat, he was permanently Insulted. 

"rocks" wanted attention, didn't get it, but when he finally did, This was his response:

On Oct 30 02:40 AM Freya wrote:

> Alberta, There is no way for me to reply to a Msg., if I don't know
> its there. <

I posted the link on the insta where you were discussing the topic. If that doesn't make sense...... well ........
Oct 30 09:45 am |Rating: +3 0

.....well........, nothing was good enough, he acted like a child who couldn't get enough attention.

The Topic Was HTE, a Canadian Royalty Trust. He posted to my Medical Insta.

and he couldn't live with my reply:

"On Oct 30 04:09 AM Freya wrote:

> Yo Rocks, I found this in my med Insta:
> Freya, a few days back I saw you talking about Harvest Energy and
> that you were talking about a deal they'd done with Korea. So when
> I noticed that the president of Harvest was going to be interviewed
> about that deal on BNN, I posted a couple of messages about it in
> the same insta where I'd seen you mention it. It appears to me now,
> that you might have missed those messages. I could be wrong, but
> just in case... if you'd like to see the interview with the president
> of Harvest, here's where you can hook up with it:
> Oct 23 05:44 PM |
> I replied to it, very next comment, You didn't check back I guess.<

I can't honestly remember if that was the second or third time I'd posted that link. But on first one certainly, you didn't check back I guess"

Or this:

"On Oct 29 12:12 PM Freya wrote:

> Alberta: at this point, it would be like going AWOL from your unit.<

No it wouldn't. Sometimes a unit needs a sniper covering their backs from within the woods nearby.

> But If you must, you must. But instead of us having to backtrack
> your comments to find an EW post, how's about Creating an Insta with
> your comments in it? You can do followups within it, just Edit it.<

I haven't done an insta yet and right now I have no inclination to. I'm happy to just post comments on new topics as they come up in the news, etc.

But I do know that I've left umpteen messages for you that never saw, or at least if you did see them, you never reacted to them. So I never did know if you saw them or not, so I eventually just quit doing it."

How many comments do you have to make on the same subject. Umpteen msgs. that I didn't respond to, which was an exageration but after the 3rd go around, I have had it with feeding this ego.

Albertarocks, the Gentleman, knowing full well that women are present:

"For any of you who saw the theory about the category of people known as "know it all freakin' dolts", here's one in action. It's American "pay czar" Scott Feinberg appearing on BNN spinning some unbelievable bullshet. I assure you, this is something American television would never show Americans. He gets challenged by CDN interviewer/host Pat Bolland and slobbers all over himself as he tries to get away with justifying bankers' wages. This twit looks like he's about 35 years old and just graduated from grade 12. Did I say "twit"? I misspelled that word.
Oct 28 13:15 pm |Rating: +7 0"

A Totally gross, vulgar, Obscene comment to make but that's Albertarocks. I was still trying to be nice at that point.

"On Oct 28 03:53 PM Freya wrote:

> Let it slide, here is a definition from Wordweb you can use:
> Twat: A man who is a stupid incompetent fool VS
> Twit: Someone who is regarded as contemptible.
> :-)<

Why did I bother to be so polite and not say a crude word then? Both words apply equally after all. Shit... If I'd only known!
Oct 28 16:33 pm |Rating: +3 0"

He meant to say the word, Why would anyone want to Include it in the presense of women? Please note, the comments received 10 thumbs up from the Men, obviously.

But then again, how about some fun:

"That Hoard is a dude, who's mind is so crude
But golly he keeps me in stiches
But laugh while we can, I'm tellin' ya man,
Ya can't when the room's full of bitches.
Oct 29 23:27 pm |Rating: +9 0"

You know what the intent was from the start: when he followed that up with this:

On Nov 03 12:13 PM Albertarocks wrote:

> Since there's no women in this room I can tell you guys this. Gotta
> just love BNN. Yesterday one of the anchors actually said: "It's
> your fucking job".
> He was quoting from a book about Bear Stearns I thing, but still
> it's refreshing that BNN is a real honest network. I fuckin' love
> it. Nov 03 01:16 PM |