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Obama etal VS the Internet

You can compare the current Administration's attempts to gain control of the Media, the Financial System, the Health Care System, Business, even the air we breathe to what occurred in North Korea decades ago. The systemic control of all phases of life by the Government or "1984" revisited. 

Given time, a Stockholm Syndrome type mentality has a chance to develop here. The Biggest problem with this attempt is that the Technological period that the USA is in renders control of All of the Media virtually impossible unless Access to the Internet can be denied.

The same means used to elect Obama is being used against his administration and attempts to hide Agendas are revealed almost as quickly as they are hatched.

News travels fast in an Internet society, it is known across the country almost instantaneously. Congress has always been known for the leakage of sensitive information, this Congress is no different. 

Whatever this Congress manages to pass can be undone by the Next Congress. They know this and they also know that while what goes on behind closed doors may stay there, Votes are open to all and will be used in the next election which is less than 11 months away.

All of the Seats in the House are up for grabs in 2010. And, If the Dems lose the Senate seat in Massachusetts - Home of the Original Boston Tea Party- it will be a serious blow to their aspirations long before those elections.