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Comment from a member of the Uh-Oh Squad

Yes indeedie.  Ok.  Reviewing ruling elite checklist for Market Manipulation.

1.  Allowed late day low vol selloff with no spike.   Check.

2.   We got the numbers set right at that 1200 cutting point.   Check.

3.  Keep the VIX in the low 30's.   Check.

4.  Have Masters of the Universe slash jobs estimate.   Check.

5.  Have Masters of the Universe quoted on motor mouth networks.  Check.

6.  Since we "KNOW" what the BLS jobs number is that will be posted (kinda like Keno), get setup with minor pulldown in SPY for overseas markets and then ratchet down as morning works thru and then HEY EVERYBODY OH MAN, AUGUST was no good BLS report.   Check.

This guarantees a downgrade in the futures and has some nearly-out-of-breath quotes from 'market participants' in the am that "well, today, ahead of the long holiday weekend, yes we could a little profit-taking".

Couple of good plunges, some pop backs and I peg us for a 1185-90 close.  Talking heads bleat "a gain on the week" and the masters make a few bucks for their troubles.

Certainly tradeable.

If intraday we got a VIX popping back up over 35 and a SPY around 118, sell the JAN 12 112 put for probably around $7.50 and then buy the JUN 12 124 call for probably around the same price.  My bet is that we see a 1400 SnP500, so you can conceivably let the put expire and watch the call get into the net money in the low mid 1300's, sell to close and you make maybe $10 x 100 with nearly zero investment.

Hey that is why these blowjoes run the market up and then run it down; resets on the options.

Now if I can only muster the whatever it takes to do it in the futures...