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Oh Yes, There's Nothing Like the Rah Rah Squad

Ok let's whoop it up.  We made 1200 at about 1430.  Not bad for a VIX north of 40 yesterday.  You just got to hand it to the Wizards.  They are pulling all the right levers.

Heck, we could see 1230 tomorrow afternoon and I suspect a little flatter on Friday.

But hey, check out next Monday.  I am revising upward to 1240 for Monday.  Given the setup for the fall later next week, there are some higher fliers worth pulling a small short on.

Right now my thinking  for next Tuesday (13 Sep 11) is:

Oil   92

GLD  167

CAT  94

IBM  174

DE  83

BAC  9

JPM   37

GS  117

GE  16 and change

BXP  107

MMM  84