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Notice the grind down today?  Why?  Man, did the power elite get us juicing today.  And of course, Ole Reliable (Da' Alan of Barrons), of course eased the skids with a golly gee whiz, maybe we'll see an SnP500 with a "9" starting the series.

Yeah.  Nice grind down.  Hmmm.  What can a guy do with a good grind down?  Let's see.  Oh yeah, options Fridayyyyy.

Let's get CAT down to 82 and change, the 85 call looks cheap, IBM down to 15x and the wow oh wow, nearly 1300 contracts at 160 for less than 3 bucks?


Not to mention the SPY's and the DIA's and oh, hey DE's at 75, yeah right.

Gotta get more worried about those Greek fellows but somehow I think today's spike close was the siren call to hurl the market back to the heavens or least above 1200 ahead of Friday.

My thoughts of wanting to goose the FOMC I think are second fiddle to making a buck or two come Friday.