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Gotta give these fellas their due.  They are good.  Did you notice the drops at 1240?  Man, did they fire up the cannons big time.  And how about that goose thru the close?

Told you we would see lightning.

SnP500 closing at 1160 and change, bingo

DJIA closing up 270 north of 11,000, bingo

ok, IBM turbocharged back to nearly 175 in one day, CAT got some traction though not as much, it will come tomorrow and Wed, DE lagged but should at least cross the 70 mark

interesting that the recession ones like CCL, BXP did not catch that much fire,  canaries in the coal mine, but they will still come along with the rest of the crowd

CAM up nicely, wow, did APC suffer in the morning but hey, closing at almost 70, I say great; XOM picked it up, DVN did too and the financials caught some serious wind with MS cruising toward 16 at a good clip, BAC up 10% from Friday's low and the insurers roundly picking up steam

Yes.  The trading elite working with the power elite to bring you results.  Forget any rationale basis for stock selection.  Just follow their lead.

I still say they stall it on Wednesday below 1200.  That way the motormouths can trot out next week "experts" in "technical analysis" that can claim that the 'rally highs' are still coming lower and therefore, "we must TEST those lows".

Mickey mouse.  Gobbledygook.  BS.  You pick the name that suits you, but it was all of this is.

October 2011 will be the bottom for good buys, market trends up thru end of year, maybe a minor dip in early Jan 2012, the Fed launches some real action and we hit 1450 on June 20, 2012.

By the way, if you do not sell then, at that time, you will sit on your longs at least until 2014 because if Perry wins, you can bag 2013.  I think he will.

As for this week, it is a midweek sell oportunity for traded positions.  Otherwise, I am sitting tight for the fun that I strongly believe is coming very soon.

God, I love buying bargains when everyone is pitching them aside with wild abandon.  Then sell them next spring.  Also, the long wave folks are I believe very correct but I do not think they appreciate the potential of the Keynesian crowd to play a heavy hand during the 2012 presidential election year.