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This market has nowhere to go but DOWN!

The NYBOT Dollar Index will break back into the 80's next week.  Copper breaks below $3, aluminum below .90 and oil to 74. 

All of the debt issues the world over will coalesce into a smash on financials.

Finally to complete our perfect storm, Hello China or is it Goodbye for Now?

The Hang Seng Index is in serious freefall, otherwise I would not be able to buy WYNN with great prospects below 115 today.

Nope, this week was the Trading Elite manipulation.  Next week the actions of the Power Elite come to fore and seriously, look out below.

While Karl Denninger is off base with AAPL below 100 and AMZN bye bye, we are going to see terrific hits in the tech space this coming week.

I will post my new targets for next week later today, but I am not buying ANYTHING right now.  Nothing.  Cash will be king in the next 5 trading sessions.