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Good Morning I Love You

If one hears those words from their respective better halves, it will be the only time they get any love today.

Wow.  Hang Seng Index off the cliff.  All of Asia off the cliff.

DAX opens 300 points down, trending up now but on zip volume and pulled ask, shoved bid, means MANIPULATION.

I keep saying it.  Look out below.

The Economic Cycle Research Institute has now stated that the "US Economy is Tipping into a New Recession".

I am telling you, the buys will be borderline outrageous.  I mean this is a screaming meemie market.

The dollar is truly busted but man oh man, is it about to soar.  Temporarily.  Add to that a massive global commodity selloff, I am telling you, the speculative traders are going to bail big time in the face of off the cliff type stuff.

Exactly what the Global Power Elite and Trading Elite want.

Reset time.

Equities and commodities short will make money.  This is shooting fish in a barrel time.

And the stupid thing is that stocks and commodities ARE THE ONLY THING ANYONE SHOULD OWN.

This bond market will prove to be the greatest ripoff of all time.

My buy list is that eveything that closed on Friday 30 Sep 2011, will be 10-15% cheaper this week.  Commodity equities maybe another 5-10% on top of that.  I mean try anything oil, knock at least 15%.  APA, down from 80 to 70.  APC from 70 to 60.  HES from 52 to 47.  CAM from 41 to 36-37.  XOM from 73 to 68.

How about FCX?  Can you say 26? AA, 8.25,

And on the financials, oh God,  C goes back to $21, which is $1.00 plus a nickel on its recap.  BAC never got back above 7, now it goes to 5.  WFC to 21  The insurers?  MET at 25, Pru at 42, HIG/ LNC at 14, PFG at 20, AFL 29

And corporates?  IBM 154; JCI 22, GD 51, BA 54, DOW 20, Cummins in the dirt, WYNN below 100

Tech?  AAPL - 345; AMZN, 165

Dump handle buys.  Giveaways.  Like scooping up gold coins in September 2000 for $300 each (now selling for 2000)

Heck, all of these will probably overshoot even my pessimistic bottom targets.