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How to Buy

If there is an existing position and it is at an ok level, buy into if the current price is below the existing position average price.

CCL at 33-35 is a good buy.  Same thing with RCL.  Heck RCL I said was a screaming meemie buy at 20 ten days ago.  How about a 25% gain in a week?

Or X (US steel), or MT, or JCI below 32, and I still think GS and MS are going to surprise the heck out of everybody next spring.

REMEMBER, if someone is buying, WHO is selling?  Why would anybody sell if it was lock the price would be higher the next day?


So, it is simple this is the beginning of the ratchet up process.  Commodities have bottomed and that was the start.  The Dollar will NOT strengthen more and break 80.  However, we will get a little run here shortly and that is the time to make serious purchase commitments across the board.