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Driving Miss Daisy

You have to love this market.

Let us review.

Europe?  What is a "Europe"?  Oh, you mean THAT Europe.  Ok, guess everything is all right. 

China?  What is a "China"?  Oh, you mean THAT China.  Ok, gues everything is all right.

USA?   By now, one can see where I am going.

Today is classic 'melt-up'.   Low volume Friday getting the late day goose.

Next Friday is Options Expiration for October.  Hmmmm.  Could there any members of the Trading Elite who could profit from a goose off of 1100 and $75 Light Crude to 1220 and $87?

The fact is that most every stock is a good buy right now.  And guess what?  Our friends will give us a little scare next week.

The year end is scheduled for a 1285 close. 

Well, that is only 60 points from mid October.  Hey folks, since we went from 1100 to 1220 in 7 trading sessions and we have approx. 50 until the end of the year, it kind of stands to reason that the Trading Elite need to push us down a little so we can go back up a little.