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Stealth Market


As opposed to sell.

The main watchword.  Buying pressure off the charts at key inflection points.

No way Trading Elite can push it down.  Going to take Global Elite rug pull.

Why do I call this a stealth market?  Because key support stocks like AAPL and IBM are pushed down and kept down keeping the indices lower, all the while the rest of the market is inching up.

Trading Elite cannot stop the buying pressure across the board.  However, they can play games on a few key stocks that will maintain the appearance of a "sideways" market when in fact it is not.

Watch the financials.  They tell the story.

This market is moving up except for some minor rug pull.  I lost $1000 on betting on a move down below 1200 on options.  Forget the options until the next rug pull.  Then sell the spring/summer puts and buy the calls.

Cover all shorts at next available opportunity.

And keep accumulating the itty bitty dips.