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Check out how IBM and AAPL are down but EVERYTHING else is up.

Particularly the financials.

Steady buying pressure.  Also, funds coming out of GLD and SLV is another good indication.

But the financials today have stolen the show.  And it shows in the commodity equities as well.

The underlying commodities are down but the equities are not.  Copper closing nearly at $3.00 and FCX has not moved down thirty cents!?!

Nope.  Total fund buying will pull the sideline money in and vault up.  Right now, sliding back below 1200 is becoming for me a questionable bet.   If you threw AAPL back to 425 and IBM to 190, hey, the SnP500 goes up 3 points just on that and creates a groundswell effect good for another 8-10.

This is the bottom for the next 9 months more or less.  I missed the mid morning drop for accumulating.