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PPT? or HFT? or What?

I am searching for and not finding the reason for the rocket up at 1351 today.

If there was no 'obvious' catalyst, then that means again, bag the fundamentals and focus on intervention, because this is all work for market maintenance.


Why Oh Why?   The abrupt falloff at 1212 was noticeable but this surge from 1242 straight up to 1260 is like huh? 

Volume is like Thanksgiving Black Friday.  I mean is anybody out there?  I doubt we will break 200 million SPY.

Well, I am holding up OK, but down an average of $4 on PRU/HIG shares.  OUCH.  Being long with big concentrated positions certainly has its lousy moments.

I think this is Trading Elite stuff at the HFT level.  It was ok to buy a little today but I smell another little rug pull.  Why?  Because oil is running on spec push.  Clear and simple.  No way Brent is 115 or Light at 95.  No way.  Demand just has not changed that much in 5 lousy weeks.  And the Power Elite are going to pull the chocks out on these greedy longs.  Have to.

The large majority of oil related equity shares have hardly moved today, even with a Brent/Light total of 220/2 = 110.  Something is fishy.

And AAPL just can not break 400.  Another hmmm.