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Post Review

Ok.  Do fundamental review on all substantial share positions.  For example, stumbled today across an analysis on the steel producers and found a comment regarding debt payments for X.  Turns out they ARE burning cash to pay debt given their net operating losses.  Therefore, I should dump my shares totally in a decent December runup because they can be bought back cheaper next year.

Also, virtually all of the share prices I stated on Oct 8 we came back to on Friday, Nov 25, which of course you did not trade because you were in San Carlos.


Reset.  Trading Elite held the line at 1190.  Muy importante.  Some second by second huge drops with instantaneous recovery.  Wow.  I keep telling you Chase, these guys are good.

My Oct forecast of a run on the Dollar Index back toward 80 happened! 

Friday 11/25 at 0740 ET USA, just in time for market open mickey mouse by knocking down the SnP500 futures, I will be darned but it hit 79.85 for a whole FIVE minutes!  Wow.  Back to low 79's today and with the new near term resolution to European problems orchestrated by our friends the Power Elite, index goes back down to south of 77 and voila, hello 1280 on the SnP500.

yeah.  good stuff.

engineered is what i call it.  a playbook for global dominance.  wow.  and I have a front row seat...