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Ok.  The proverbial fix is in.

According to plan.

Got our spike save albeit a little late at 1552 but still kept us at 1192.55.

Comfort zone.

Rock solid liftup.  Nearly 300 on the Dow, 33 on the SnP500.

Righteous.  Amid sufficient flap talk to embroider and embolden appropriately.

You know, watching this stuff is like watching a soap opera or the spanish telenovelas where you know exactly which person becomes pregnant by which other who was secretly actually in love with somebody else.

I mean, it really is a script.

Tomorrow we waver a little, soft on the morning 'futures' and then a small drive with a nudge finish breaching that 1200 level and Wednesday we get confirmation talk of more improvements in European stuff etc.  This then solidifes the return to the 1200 territory and sets the next stage for stair stepping back up.

It took the market 11 trading session from 11 oct at 1197 to advance to 1285 on oct 27.


let's see... nov 28 to week of dec 12 is you got it, 11 trading sessions

i do not care where the market goes this year because when it reaches 1280, i hit the dump handle; all puts, all calls, all longs except the longterm insurers that i will be stuck with until next june/july when hopefully i will shed them as well

i will bet everything that we see 1100 again before we see 1450 and that is in direct contrast to a comment i made to someone's article a few weeks ago;

i actually offered to bet someone a $1000 we would see 1450 BEFORE 1100 and now i am REVERSING my position (he should have taken the bet, i would have honored it)

just goes to show; you have to be flexible

dump the WYNN at anything north of 135, i doubt it gets back to 140 this year

dump the X at anything north of 29; w/ their cash low, i doubt it breaks 30

live with the AA until eternity

on the oils, hold the SLB, sell everything else

on the GS, i am probably stuck until the Facebook IPO but I will get it back in spades at that time because it will go to 140; be prepared for serious nastiness in Feb 2012 (average)

on the AXP, if I get to 52 again like oct 27-29, sell, should have then; that is breakeven on the short turn with a basis of 39