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Thank You Power Elite

Are we not all smiles today on Bloomberg TV?

I keep saying these guys are good.  Real Good.

300 points up on the Dow at open and probaby 35 points on the SnP500.

Here we have Oppenheimer's Belski, always the word of caution with hope, telling us that get ready.... drum roll....

1325 is the magic year end number!!!!!!!!!!

I keep saying these guys are good.  Real Good. Like incredible.

Yessiree Bob, solved in one fell swoop with "concentrated action from the global central bankers" all of the 'problems'.

Push down November to tame the little puppies and then to the moon Alice, like Jackie Gleason used to say in the Honeymooners.

Sit tight Chase.  Sit tight.  Hold.  No buys.

We have Belski announcing that "the fund managers have no choice but to take their sidelined cash and join in this rally".


Forget the market for now and chortle after you sell.  Go take care of other things. The real rocket up is set for the week of the 12th, with a leveling off by the week ahead of Christmas.

And do not forget, we will have good jobs numbers due to seasonality.

I love it.