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Shake, Rattle and Roll

Elvis has to be spinning in his grave.

Yank her up to 1265-70, then let a little air out of the balloon.

I mean, sheer complete BS!!!

But I love it.

Light Crude popping 102.4 and off the cliff to 100 and change.  But hey the SnP news release from Financial Times was in fact carefully timed to coordinate with Obama's speech on castigating Republicans over payroll and unemployment tax cut.

Sheer complete BS.

This is nothing more than smack that puppy on the nose and keep 'em in line until UNTIL, next week.

Oh yes.  Next week.   A rip and snort God Loves The World rally.

Yep.  1300 plus.  I will close EVERY single put I sold for Jan-Apr expiration.  And buy massively Mar 12 puts cheap.  Nothing more than a buck.

Light Crude tops out next week say around the 14-15th about 105 and Brent at 116.

Everything except GLD.  Remember the Power Elite want to shift attention so GLD drops back to maybe 157 or so.  BUY.  BUY.  BUY.  Because when the rug pull comes in Feb, and followed by massive coordinated global monetary stimulus, wow, GLD goes to 220.  Yeah, I like $50 pops.

IBM topping out at 198.  CAT to 100.  Yeah, ripping and snorting.  Now I know why the reference is to the word "bull".

I will post all of my top outs and buy-ins on shorts and puts for the coming February 2012 disaster.

But, But, But, God in the Form of Brother Ben Bernanke (local representative of the Chosen Few) will insure that the world is rescued come March/April.

Of course, following another superb buying long opportunity and of course, covering those late Dec shorts and puts.

Forget fundamentals for now.  Forget technicals for now.  Intervention will run the markets over the next two years unabated.

And the tea leaves guarantee that the world's minions (I am a minion, never forget that Chase) will find themselves always better managed.

We will  see the "rocky road" this week but rest assured, next week Hello.

With Tiger Woods back, we are all ready.  At least for the next two weeks or so.