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Trail Off On Schedule- This Is Better Than the NFL/ NBA

I lightened up a little Fri/ Mon/ Tues mostly around 1265.

The game is on.  The action is hot and the fevers running.

Toss out some crumbs of 'oh, well, maybe Germany will screw it all up'.

Temper the markets down, then get them set for 'da pop.  Cap the rally at 1300 and change for year end and ready the cattle for slaughter next Feb.

Power Elite needs to rein in the markets some, otherwise they go nuts.

1235-45 thru Thurs is reasonable, no collapse to below 1220.  No, that sends the Technical Analysis gurus slinging which the Power and Trading Elite do not want.  No, rein things in, then the goose takes us to 1300 more or less by next Friday, which is options Friday. 

The Trading Elite are set to take huge profits off of this runup.

Forget all other junk news.

Managed and manipulated.

I still say Light Crude bounces to 105-6 by next Monday/Tuesday and this month will be the time to buy GLD and SLV.