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It is tough to remain focused with the many distractions at this time of year.

My logins are measured in minutes not hours and my attention span useful solely to fret, not analyze.

I cannot sleep and must focus.

Is this a floor?  1205

Yes Or No?  screw maybe; you absolutely blew it on your view of oil last week; instead of up 5 it went down 7; that is a huge spread to screw up on

why?  what did I miss?  the rapid runup post Thanksgiving?  I mean the post FOMC announcement drop was bunk; no trader expected anything.

Was it the tax cut decision postponement?  No, because nobody figured they'd do anything until this week.

Why did CAT and IBM crater but TRV continued its steady march up?  Why?

You know, you are getting those nervous twitches, kick the wife, beat the kids, yell at the dog, kinda all mixed up and confused.

Think about.  Why?  Remember Thanksgiving week, decay and unhappiness but you bought.  Then only sold a portion in the next two weeks.

Sell when you have a gain that feels right.  For example, the  long Watchlist looks all green, IDIOT, that is a top, sell.  Or, conversely, the long Watchlist is all RED, BUY MORON.

Today, virtually everthing you had, like hundreds of positions, all red.

Think.  Remember IBM's slogan.  Think.

6 out of 7 days in the toilet.  hmmm.  crash three days before Christmas?


The House Republicans will NOT trash the tax cut bill.  Something will pass by Wednesday, because all 535 of them not to mention there staffs WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!  and they will not be seen as sticking 160 million working Americans with a Santa tax increase.

That should serve as the POST CHRISTMAS runup to insure a yearend finish in the black on the Nasdaq, the SnP500 and the Dow.  And then continue into the new year, with early to mid Jan seeing more fuel to the fire.

The market has tenaciously refused to plummet, only grind.  That is key and I do not see the Trading Elite nor the Power Elite wanting massive selloff's at a time when they too want a little time off.

No.  Chase, listen, 1200 is the floor.  We are going up from here and by God, do not abandon your long held (since August) of 1285.   Do NOT dump.

Maybe even buy a little more and to decorate the stupid tree, drink a little eggnog and go back to sleep. 

DO NOT PANIC.  Yeah $5 BAC may be the catalyst.  Hey, buy a 1000 premarket and i bet you make a buck a share buy yearend.  Then place the after tax amount of whatever you make on a lucky crap shooter's Even line.