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It is tough to stay on top of things at this time of year.

Remember that next year.  Please.

But, it was good to read all that I did.

Have not got the time now to gush forth with it all.  Suffice it to say I do not call them the Power Elite for nothing.

Let's see if tomorrow they give us a hurrah run up to 1285.

Maybe 1275.

And notice how they had to kick CAT in the head to keep the Dow from really outpacing the SnP500 because too much dichotomy would clearly illustrate how PPT (Plunge Protection Team- aka The President's Working Group on Financial Stabilization, no BS, that is their real name) really worked overtime to keep this market happy.

IBM too.

They had already run a bunch (TRV et al) and had to hold back.


And how about Precious Metals?  Did I not see the kick in the head they were giving them????

But know this Chase.  The Power Elite has goosed the ECB balance sheet to the moon.  And we still have to wait for the big shoe to drop because Eurobonds are the ticket to ride.

It is coming.  Aug 4/5/8 was the match.   Sep was the fuse.  Oct 3/4 was the setup.  Mid November and mid Dec were the mini smackdowns to keep people on their toes.  Now we will get the early January runup.  1300 hello.  And then the other shoe drops.

The two month mickey mouse extension in the USA guarantees this. 

The motormouths are ready.

Wait for the January perk.   Then SELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First all the longs, And then, sell short, big time.

Buy gold/silver futures April contracts.  And buy GLD/SLV calls.  April 2012.

Then get ready.