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Watch Out for The Power Elite

They will get their way.

The Chosen are absolutely driven in their maniacal approach to world domination.

They will break Europe, destroy the USA, and smother Iran.

And all of the ignorant ones follow blithely down the path like the babbling lambs they are.  Give them an I-something and they ignore the fate that awaits them.

All world markets, currencies, and asset values are tied to their machinations.

Take tomorrow in the US.

A made-up employment number to look better to keep the "rally" going.
The SnP500 futures will get goosed to insure that.  Despite whatever goes on in world markets.

Four, count 'em, FOUR of the Power Elite mouthpieces (Fed governors) speaking tomorrow.  FOUR!!!!

Wonder what they will say.  Let's see.  Dudley, Rosengren, Duke, Raskin. 


The will trot out their typical supportive comments on monetary stimulus which coupled with the BS employment stats will insure the market goes to 1300 plus.

Then for the week of Jan 9th, which kicks off Q4-2011 SnP500 earnings, there are EIGHT more Fed gov speeches by Lockhart, Williams, George, Evans, Plosser and and Lacker.  And since only the last three are hawks, this gives a total of 8 speeches by doves and 4 by hawks.

After the Fed does NOT issue accomodative policy changes in its forthcoming Jan 24-25 FOMC meeting announcement, the market will start to tank.

But not before a rock solid market runup to maybe hyperbolic style of Oct 27/28 or Feb 17/18 of last year.  I mean we could see 1320 as a peak.  And they will pop the heck out of the financials to do it.

Hey, look at BAC today.  Over $6.  This is a life support stock for the Power Elite and that is why they have held the $5 mark with such tenacity.  It could see 7.5.

I bet PRU sees 58, MET 37, LNC 23, HIG 19, AFL 47, JPM 38, GS 102, MS 17, WFC 30, etc.

The industrials like DOW to 50, IR to 35 BA to 77, DE to 83, CAT to 98, all up too.

Yeah, got to watch this play out, The higher the spike, the worst the drop.

Be ready.